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Notorious space villains, Grimm Slice and Space Slime, are wreaking havoc once again, chumming the stars to ambush innocent space travelers everywhere! And when that meddling mouse, Boo Boo Squeal, joins the fray with his plan to franchise his cheese factories throughout space, the Zooverse has never been in more danger! Enter intrepid hero, Nuke Tiptoes, who uncovers various coordinated plots of multiple space criminals across the galaxy, including the kidnapping of his beloved Princess Sparklefeather! Along with his brave new sidekick, Winky Tops, his penguin allies, Beep and Badgum, and his old partner, the cantankerous robot B-52, Nuke springs into action as only he can, battling the diabolical efforts of a colorful array of foes, including cosmic conmen Chewflies, Koot Koot, Tanker, Squeezee, and Jabber, from planet-to-planet and star system-to-star system!

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