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Once upon a time, an elite team of outer space rogues banded together to pledge allegiance to cosmic justice and galactic peace! Throughout their adventures, they encountered mighty and relentless enemies who battled them to the outermost reaches of the stars, and beyond! Together, with the unbreakable bonds between them, the four heroes defended fairness, goodness, and peace…until the day they met a villain more devious and powerful than any they’d faced before – the dreaded meteor monster, Meanie! Using magical powers as old as space itself, Meanie transformed the heroes into the most harmless and helpless creatures on any planet – newborn babies! However, these space babies are forever heroes at heart! Now, with the galaxy in more turmoil than ever before, a new breed of baby takes to the stars! Welcome, boys and girls, to a thrilling era of high adventure! Itʼs the time of THE SPACE BABIES!

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