In this new 2021 high-definition program, learn all about reading maps, direction and navigation.  Your iPhone or Android phone has no cell service, is out of battery power or, the unthinkable, is lost!  Just because your mobile device is lost doesn’t mean YOU need to be as well.  Understand cardinal directiions, what a compass does, how to determine which way is north, and how to read old-fashioned paper maps that are still available at gas stations, convenience stores and AAA.  What function does the legend on a map serve?   What are the designated colors for land and water?  What are latitude and longitude?  If the destination is to your left, then how do you determine which way to go in the “real” world?  The answer may or may not be left!  After watching this video, you will be able to get where you are going without electronic device assistance and, even with your device, better read what it is displaying and assess whether your navigation app is guiding you to the correct address. You’ll be able to take your newfound map-reading skills around your neighborhood and around the world!   Detailed graphics, diagrams and exciting video reinforce important concepts and make learning fun.

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