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Motherʼs Day fast approaches, and all the ocean is abuzz! Young siblings, Fifi and Finn, are excited to go shopping and pick out something nice for their mom – when theyʼre suddenly sidetracked by a lost little fish! Kiki is a cute little pufferfish whoʼs become separated from her mother, while having fun on the playground. Unsure of where to look, and unable to navigate the big ocean on her own, Kiki teams with Fifi and Finn to locate her missing mom! Meanwhile, Fifi and Finnʼs proud parents, Sam and Marion, discover their children have gone missing, and launch their own sea search – enlisting the help of the schoolʼs crafty instructor, Professor Shark! Swimming high and low, through a vast ocean full of colorful sea creatures, our three young fish encounter both friends and foes, on their hunt to find home – and in doing so, they discover the true spirit and meaning of Motherʼs Day!

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