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Four Europeans from different cultures and fields of art set off in a minibus with a quality trove of world literature. They go in search, across a vast desert-like landscape, to find a place as remote as possible where they will establish the world’s last bookshop. An isolated location is just perfect for their purpose, as there, the printed books of the world will be much safer from big city termites and the ups and downs of the internet. During the journey, the four discuss the unique gift of reading and also certain works of world literature that have changed each of them in a decisive way. They also ponder why Westerners are consuming more and more violent literature and at the same time harboring fears of increasing physical violence in all countries. Bringing the almost-lost purpose of books to the fore, this creative documentary poses important questions not yet discussed in film about whether we’re reading what’s worthwhile and if the timeless qualities once praised in literature have been replaced by sheer entertainment. What does this mean to our inner lives and to civilization? A road movie about books by and for people who love them.

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