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Groundhog Day! And fun-loving Groundhog Dave has come out of his shack to predict the weather…only to discover his beloved town of Bucketville has changed! The aroma of blooming flowers has been replaced by the smell of sawdust, and the sky is cloudy with smog! As a result, Dave canʼt predict the weather! Determined to find out whatʼs going on, along with his best pal Chester, the friends uncover dire news: Mr. Whatnot the anteater has just bought the town and plans to transform it – with the help of heartless contractor Lug, his doberman sidekick Rips, and twin roughnecks Ruff and Tuff – into a big shopping center! Devastated at the prospect of losing their beloved home, Dave and Chester enlist the help of their friends, including a streetwise mouse named Fredo, a sharp-witted snail named Lulu, the wise old mayor, Mr. Mort, and other colorful inhabitants! As the citizens band together to rescue Bucketville, they learn the true meaning of friendship and home


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