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While the whole world awaits the joyful arrival of Christmas, miserly roach Bahum Bug bemoans the holiday cheer and berates his faithful sidekick, Beetroot, for his love of Christmas. That very same night, Bahum Bug encounters a magical pixy, who warns that an ancient spirit named Wallo will visit the miserly roach and teach him the true meaning of Christmas. But when Wallo does appear, instead of setting Bahum Bug straight, it sends him off on a mission to destroy Christmas, much to Beetroot’s chagrin! Bahum Bug enlists the help of a grumpy bear named Morty, and his buddy, the petulant Mumble the owl, to retrieve the magical stone of Christmas Forever Passed! As Morty and Mumble find the stone and set off to end Christmas forever, a group of friendly woodland creatures give Santa the heads up. Now, it’s up to Santa, his elves, and his trusty reindeer to avert disaster!

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