Important Notice

Fragile Global Supply Chain effect of delta variant.

Like most Canadian businesses we have been affected by the higher international shipping costs and depleted inventories for our product. Disruptions due to factory shutdowns, product halts and labour shortages continue to deplete our supply chain.

The average price to ship a container from Asia-Pacific has increased by 63%
Like us, many Canadian businesses have been forced to look for alternative domestic suppliers that can compete in terms of pricing. But this is very difficult.

Right now, we are unable to procure single black DVD cases and 4 capacity DVD cases. Production of our 10 capacity Unipak case in black has fallen behind due to equipment malfunction and we are not expecting our next shipment until mid to end of December.

On approval, we are switching black to clear single DVD cases and are taking orders for late December delivery of 10 capacity Unipak’s in black, but until hesitation over the delta variant eases, each and every order will be quoted on an order by order basis.

As always we have your best interest at heart and will do our utmost to complete your order in the fairest possible manner.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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